Living a meaningful life

It has been some time since I got interested in personal development after a difficult period. I thought personal development was kind of ridiculous and I wasn’t bold enough to talk about that around me.

Then something changed. After quite deep conversations about our future, professional career, aspirations or passions, I realised my friends and I had more or less the same problems and questions. While moving closer and closer to my 30s, my classmates and I stand at a time when school is over, the start of the career is launched, adult life is coming up, as the first disillusions. It’s time to face responsibilities and especially choices.

And after multiple conversations about our future, the question of meaning was at the heart of our worries. How to give a meaning to your life? Some decide to change their life (not definitely) to broaden their horizons, others think about that. Some like me choose a different professional path and challenge themselves, whereas others are completely lost.

However we need to be reassured: everyone hasn’t grown up while having a precise idea about what he/she is going to do for the rest of his/her life! So this questioning is normal. Reality sometimes catches dreams. Some people have a consuming passion while others are looking for them.

I think the first step is to be aware of this choice and to ask the right questions: what kind of life do I want to have? What kind of people do I want to be? What impact do I want to have on Earth? Why do I wake up in the morning?

Personally I have never wanted to get out of my comfy bed to stay seated behind my desk all day long, work 10h a day 5 days a week on projects I don’t even see the final result, feel guilty about leaving at 6pm to enjoy my evening, or even work on PowerPoint or Excel for people who don’t even know who I am.

Of course life in a private company isn’t always like this and fortunately! I personally had a great experience in the private sector. But obviously something was missing.

To have a meaningful life, there is no need to change one’s career, which can be reassuring for some! Introduce some gratitude in one’s life is already good. Communicate with friends around you about life principles which can help people live better is also a good thing. Indeed being an example can inspire other people to become one. Volunteering and being committed to a cause which matters to you can be the next step. 

Anyway in conclusion, small changes can already make a great difference and give you a meaningful life.

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